The future of intelligent cities

Telling the future of intelligent cities in the post-Covid world: technologies, opportunities and best practices at a European level

Meetings, discussions and exchange of know how on the subject of intelligent and smart cities

A place to discover the technologies, opportunities, best practices necessary to lay the foundations of the cities of tomorrow

An event of international importance, in which to meet the best experiences in the sector

A vertical knowledge platform for smart city and intelligent city professionals and operators

An OnLife event: in the real world, but digitally native

An international event that compares the opinions of experts with the showcased solutions. A day of immersion in the future with guests and testimonials from innovative companies designing the city of tomorrow, today.

City Vision is a digital event, hosted by Fiera di Padova on its digital platform,which allows attendees to participate remotely while maintaining an active interaction: you can ask questions to the panelists, take part in live polls, contact speakers and participants.

Visitors and network


Public Utilities

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Mobility, logistics and transport companies and startups

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Trade associations


Investors and credit institutions

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Renewable energy companies and startups


Bodies and Institutions


Energy operators network


Security and protection systems companies and startups